Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board தமிழ்நாடு மாசு கட்டுப்பாடு வாரியம்

What's New

  • new TNPCB Certification of Chennai High School as 'ECOmmute' Schools. More Details
  • newReward to Public for Information On Plastic Units Manufacturing Banned Single Use Plastic Items
  • new Retrofitting of emission control devices/equipment in DG Sets with capacity of 125 KVA and above in Tamil Nadu - Extension of time limit. More Details
  • new Phasing Out Single Use Plastics. More Details
  • new Environmental Guidelines dated August 2021 issued by CPCB for Poultry Farms. More Details
  • new TNPCB - Revision of sampling and analytical charges for Environmental samples on par with the CPCB Notification, dated 24.10.2016 - G.O.(2D).No.13 Dated:31.08.2021 More Details
  • new Green Award 2020 for District Collectors, Industries, Educational Institutions / Centre of Excellences, recognized residential Welfare Association and gated Communities in Greater Chennai More Details
  • new The Independent Report On "Tamilnadu, Neyveli boiler blast 6 dead, 17 injured" in compliance of the Hon’ble NGT, PB, Order dated 08.07.2020 in the matter of O.A No. 108/2020. More Details
  • new Extension of TNPCB - CTE/CTO/Authorization up to 30.11.2021 - Office Order dated 13.05.2021 More Details
  • new Technology Challenge for Identifying and Promoting Solutions for Mitigating Ambient Air Pollution. More Details

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