Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board தமிழ்நாடு மாசு கட்டுப்பாடு வாரியம்

  • newDirectory of Eco alternatives to banned Single Use Plastics. More
  • newNational Expo on Eco-Alternatives to SUPs and start-up Conference 2022 to be held on 26th and 27th September 2022 at Chennai Trade Centre Nandambakkam , Chennai.More
  • newCPCB Guidelines for Idol Immersion, 2020. More
  • new75 ECOTips in commemoration of 75th year of Independence.
  • newPictorial representation of banned Single Use Plastics and its Eco alternative materials.More Details
  • newPlastic Waste Management Cell.More Details
  • newVote for Meendum Manjappai - People's campaign for throwaway plastics nominated for SKOCH Award..More Details
  • new Appeal to the Public on 'Single Use Plastic Ban' More Details
  • new List of Banned Single Use Plastic items More Details
  • newTNPCB Launched Official Facebook Page..More Details
  • newRegistration for Unorganised Workers including Migrant Workers as per Instruction Ministry of Labour and Employment..More Details
  • newRetrofitting of emission control devices/equipment in DG sets with capacity of 125 KVA and above in Tamil Nadu - Extension of time limit. More Details
  • newPress Release - Conducting Open House Session Every Month in All District Offices, Zonel Offices and Head Office of TNPCB. More Details
  • newDesign and Guidelines prepared for Charcoal Units Vetted by Anna University.More Details
  • newCertificate of Accreditation from NABL More Details
  • newGuidelines and Application format for Tamil Nadu Green Champion Award More Details
  • newEnvironmental Guidelines for Poultry Farms issued by CPCB - January 2022 More Details
  • new Meendum Manjappai campaign - Eco alternative manufacturers for Single Use Plastic. More Details
  • newSelection of Consultant for Technical Support for Development, Implementation and Monitoring of Action plan for Ban of Single Use Plastics in Tamil Nadu.

  • Price Bid Opening
    Tender Document
  • newRequest for Proposal (RFP) for Selection of an Agency for providing Logistics and other services for National Eco-Alternatives Expo for Start-Ups 2022 during September-2022.
    Price Bid Opening
    Tender Document
  • newRegistration of Suppliers for Chemicals/Glasswares/Plasticwares/Filter Papers/Analytical Gases.
    Tender Document
  • newRegistration of the Suppliers for the Calibration of Scientific Instruments/Equipments .
    Tender Document
  • new Tender Document for State wide Survey & compile the directory of manufacturers and distributors of eco-alternative materials for single use plastics for the entire state of Tamilnadu.
    Work Order
    Price Bid Opening
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