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Meendum Manjappai - People's campaign for throwaway plastics nominated for SKOCH Award.

Kindly vote for making it a grand success.

Voting can be done upto 17 Hours 05.08.22(Friday) only.
Voting steps are given as follows

1. Register your personal details in https://exhibition.skoch.in/register/

2. Fill out the Registration Form.

3. Once registration is done, wait for your account approval email. If approved, proceed to sign in using the given link in the mail.

4. Click on the following link https://exhibition.skoch.in/exhibition/environment-climate-change-forests-department/ to view the details.

5. Click on the 'Star Rating' to vote and then 'Submit' to confirm. If you are not able to vote, login with the registered username and password and vote to submit.


6. Share with your friends groups and colleagues to improve the chances of winning the SKOCH Award.