About Plastic Ban

Convenience of plastics comes at a very high cost to the environment and negatively affects human health and therefore the Government of India notified Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016 amending the existing rules, imposing a nationwide ban on plastic carry bags less than 50 micron thickness, among other things. However this ban didn’t bring about any noticeable reduction in the pollution caused by plastic carry bags, the most notorious among the “Use and throwaway” plastics that makes half of the plastic pollution.


Feeling an urgent need to address the issue, the Government of Tamil Nadu has come up with a stringent approach by imposing a state-wide ban on certain “Use and throwaway” plastics effective from 01.01.2019


A preparatory period of six months has been given for the stakeholders to get accustomed to eco-friendly alternatives for smooth implementation of the ban. In addition to the substituting materials, practices such as recycling/reuse will reduce the toxic foot print of plastics. So, it is time to inherit this age old habit to be the part of solution and not the pollution.